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The Mvintage Pride Awards


Time: September 12, 2023 08:30PM
Location: Pjazza Tritoni, Valletta
Event Type: Arts & Culture


During EuroPride Valletta 2023, individuals who have distinguished themselves in Malta and abroad, in different fields to promote the civil rights of the LGBTIQ+ community and who have provided exceptional service to individuals with different sexual orientations, will be honored.

During the Mvintage Pride Awards, the public will have the opportunity to choose the winner of the People’s Choice award, for which three people are nominated.

Public voting will start on the 29th of August and ends on the 5th of September, 23:59. The winners of the awards are announced on the 12th of September at the Pride Village, which will take place in Pjazza Tritoni in Valletta, where many of the EuroPride activities between the 7th and 17th of September will be held. For the full events click here.

The jury will choose the winner of seven other categories, including the award “Transcendence in Artistry” for the individual who, through different forms of art, contributed to the cause of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Another award, called “Influence and Impact,” will reward an individual or individuals who have sent a positive message in this field through their work.

The “Equality in Healthcare” Award will recognize the work of a professional in the medical field.

The “Unconditional Love of a Parent” award will be for parents who have shown the greatest love and support towards their LGBTIQ+ children.

The award for sports will be named “Courage in Sports,” and another award will be “Excellence in LGBTIQ+ Representation Worldwide.”

Lastly, but not least, the “Lifetime Achievement Award” will be given to a person who throughout their career has worked diligently to bring about equality.

These awards are a small token of appreciation and recognition for the work of individuals who have done more than what is normally expected of them to promote respect, dignity, and love among and between LGBTIQ+ individuals.


Glen Vella: Glen Vella, a Maltese singer, commenced his singing journey at 13 and holds certificates in voice coaching. He’s been a resident singer on various Maltese TV shows, such as ‘Kalamita’ and ‘Sa 6,’ and played leading roles in local musicals like ‘Jesus Christ Super Star’ and ‘Godspell.’ In 2021, he won Muzika Muzika with “Harsa Biss.” Glen has participated in Maltese selections for the Eurovision Song Contest multiple times, representing Malta in 2011 with “One Life.”


Dr. Ruth Baldacchino: Dr. Ruth Baldacchino is a prominent LGBT and intersex activist, having served as Co-Secretary General of ILGA World and worked on the first intersex human rights fund. They’ve been involved with organizations like the Malta Gay Rights Movement, IGLYO, and ILGA-Europe. Ruth played a pivotal role in developing Malta’s groundbreaking Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sex Characteristics Act. They are non-binary and have co-facilitated ILGA’s International Intersex Forums and contributed to an education policy for trans, gender variant, and intersex students. They hold an M.A. in Women’s Studies and lecture on Queer Studies and Sociology at the University of Malta.


Luke Saydon: Luke Saydon is an accomplished composer, musical director, and theatre practitioner from Malta, currently based in London. He’s a resident performer and writer at the V&A Museum and The Museum of London, as well as the musical director for Chickenshed Theatre Company. Luke has composed 11 professionally produced musicals, including “HUSH,” which won three Maltese National Arts Awards. His work is often community-oriented, with musicals like “The Indispensable Hero” developed alongside child victims of the Grenfell Tower Tragedy. Luke’s compositions range from “Dear Future Me” to “The Changing Room” and “NINU,” reflecting his diverse and impactful contributions to the arts.



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