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Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about EuroPride Valletta 2023, Malta 7-17 September 2023.

What is EuroPride?

EuroPride is a European event dedicated to the LGBTIQ+ community. The event is hosted by a different European city each year, featuring a parade, artistic and human rights events across different venues. The host city is usually chosen for the presence of a strong LGBTIQ+ community and an established LGBTIQ+ event.

The first EuroPride was celebrated in London in 1992, with 100,000 participants. The most well-attended EuroPride so far is Madrid 2007, with 2,500,000 people.

You can find further information on the EPOA - European Pride Organisers Association website.


What is the aim of EuroPride Valletta 2023?

Under the motto Equality from the Heart, EuroPride Valletta 2023 aims to offer the European, Middle East and North Africa LGBTIQ+ community a safe haven and a stage to discuss human rights issues. 


As we celebrate during the Pride March and Concert, we want to support Europe and surrounding countries to improve their level of human rights for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Where is EuroPride Valletta 2023 taking place?

EuroPride Valletta 2023 will take place from 7th to 17th September 2023 at different venues on the islands of Malta and Gozo.

The main events of EuroPride will be held at Valletta, the capital city of Malta. 

EuroPride will kick off on the 7th September with the Pride Opening Event at Pride Village in Valletta, an official ceremony with DJ, orchestra and fireworks! The Pride March, Concert and Pride around the Harbour will close our 10 days of celebration.

Venues include the Spazju Kreattiv gallery and Valletta Archaeological Museum, the Tritoni fountain and Parliament area and the Pride Village.

See our Schedule for more details and be sure to register on the website to arrange your very own Pride calendar.

Will you hold an Opening Ceremony?

Of course we will! The Pride Village will host a Pride Opening Event on Friday 7th September with a line-up of performers and members of the LGBTIQ+ community will introduce you to the largest gathering of love and equality Malta has ever seen.

Can I bring my pet to EuroPride Valletta 2023?

There are no restrictions. However, it’s up to you to decide whether your pet is ready to join a big crowd.


Before taking your pet along with you, please consider whether they’re happy to meet lots of humans or march in a parade. During the EuroPride events there will surely be a lot of new smells and sounds that may be unpleasant for your pet friend.


So, our advice is to consider your pet’s disposition — extroverted and friendly or shy and methodical? —, the type of events you’re planning to attend and the temperatures in Malta.


If your pet is a trained assistance dog, there are no restrictions whatsoever. For further information, please visit the Accessibility page.


For further information about Maltese regulations please check https://agrikoltura.gov.mt/en/vrd/Pages/travelPet.aspx

Are there any attire restrictions at the events?

Whilst you are highly encouraged to come dressed in the way you feel you can express yourself best. However, full nudity, top-less or wearing just tongs in the streets is against Maltese law and you may be fined by the police.

Are all EuroPride events and locations accessible?

All the venues are accessible to people with disabilities. Conferences and speeches include simultaneous sign language translation. Assistance dogs are allowed in all EuroPride areas.

Learn more about our Accessibility policies.

Are there any paid events?

Yes, you will need to purchase tickets for some events, such as the Main Pride Concert on Saturday 16th September 2023.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online at ShowsHappening.