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Who Are We?
Our Commitment

Proudly Supporting Equality

The Maltese LGBTIQ+ community is part of the European LGBTIQ+ Movement, but we are also aware that neighbouring communities in North Africa and the Middle East still struggle with LGBTIQ+ human rights issues. As the top ranking country in the ILGA Rainbow Index, we commit to work in achieving full equality in both our Country and in surrounding communities.
Our target for

EuroPride 2023 Valletta

We aim to offer the European, Middle East & North Africa LGBTIQ+ Community a safe place to discuss today’s issues based on prejudice, bias and fear, through a series of events and activities.

Proudly Celebrating Equality

EuroPride 2023 is a place for celebration! Join us in a 10-day non-stop party with Pride Marches in Valletta, and Gozo, concerts and theme parties.

Pride Week offers a hugely inclusive variety of entertainment activities and events, coordinated by ARC – Allied Rainbow Communities, NGOs, individuals and partner organisations, to make sure all different minorities are represented.

Meet the Team

Maria Azzopardi

ARC President & Project Manager

Toni Attard

Artistic Director Arts & Culture Programme

Michael Owen

Logistics & ARC Vice President

Nicholas Bugeja


Our Partners

EuroPride is brought to you by


ARC – Allied Rainbow Communities

ARC is an independent non-profit organisation established in 2015 to enhance a sense of belonging and promote growth among the Maltese LGBTIQ+ community and its allies.  ARC’s activities focus on pride, health, communication and social activities, with core activities involving:
  • Right to Health, to improve sexual health and access to healthcare services for members of the LGBTIQ+ community in Malta.
  • LGBTIQ+ Civil Society, to advise the Government on issues impacting the community and push for legislation changes.
  • Other LGBTIQ+ Measures, to ensure that equality is promoted through publicity campaigns and informal events. 

Supported By

Government of Malta – Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms and Equality

The Government of Malta and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms and Equality support and promote LGBTIQ+ equality. Malta is regarded as the gold standard in LGBTIQ+ rights, according to the United Nations Human rights office.

The government policy is coordinated and supported by the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Unit, which focuses on equality in all relevant spheres of life (employment, health, education, sports).