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Tutti Frutti Roller Derby Game


Time: September 10, 2023 09:30AM
Location: National Sports School, Pembroke
Event Type: Arts & Culture


Get ready to rumble, Malta! The Honey Island Rollers are rolling out the rainbow carpet to host the island’s first ever roller derby bout, and in time for an important occasion: EuroPride 2023!

Skaters and referees from across Europe are prepping their wheels to battle it out trackside at this history-making bout. We’re talking high-speed, full-contact action on roller skates!

In roller derby two teams race each other on an oval track for points, each team’s jammers don a star and try to zoom and juke past opposing blockers to score points.

You can expect thrilling jumps, courageous team work, and inspiring athleticism as skaters give it their all in this fast-paced sport.

So bring your pride and get ready to cheer for Malta’s fiercely LGBTQI+ inclusive sports league!
We’re thrilled to be holding the first ever roller derby bout in Malta as part of EuroPride because everyone belongs in sport!

So come get loud and party on wheels at this one-of-a-kind EuroPride Valletta 2023 event!

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