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Interfaith Celebration


Time: September 15, 2023 05:00PM
Location: Hagar Qim Temple
Event Type: Conferences, Religious Attributed Events


This inter-faith celebration will involve representatives from different faith backgrounds and will be held at one of the oldest prehistoric temples in Malta. This considers the long history of the Maltese Islands that from time immemorial has always embraced religion and the Eternal. Against such a unique backdrop delegates will be invited to transcend religious differences and indeed all differences among us and look at the deeper spiritual connections that bring us closer together.


Presider: Misza Cherniak


17.00 Registration (3 colours): 120 capacity

17.30 Introduction and overview of event

17.50 Tours – three groups of 40 each (10 minutes apart): a free full tour offered. Guides will act as ushers during the whole event.

18.50 All guests must be seated at the open space

19.00 Celebration and Ritual

20.00 Refreshments

21.00 Conclusion of event



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