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Parents Speak from their Heart


Time: September 17, 2023 09:00AM
Location: Pjazza Tritoni, Valletta
Event Type: Pride Village, Religious Attributed Events


Drachma, in collaboration with the European Network of Parents of LGTI+ Persons (ENP) will be gathering parents and activists from different parts of Europe, to focus on three themes:

• Education and Inclusion

• Religion and Homo/Transphobia

• Parents – the price we pay!

For many, our role as parents transforms us into activists because we are moved from deep within our hearts, to bring about the necessary change in our societies and communities. In becoming more outspoken in public and advocating for change in policy and legal frameworks, parents often have to pay a high price. Yet the deeper concerns of such parents are the ones that impact the physical and mental wellbeing of our LGBTI+ children, who often experience discrimination, violence and prejudice, among other challenges – so Parents will continue to Speak from their Heart!

During the morning session, there will be three panels with Q & A sessions, each panel will include perspectives from different parts of Europe that will highlight on the key issues being faced and the respective actions taken, so that more parents may learn from one another and adopt common best practices.

The programme here attached indicates the speakers and moderators of each panel session.

We hope you will join us and listen to parent testimonies that are having impact across Europe.



Professor Andrew Azzopardi

Christopher Vella

Professor Nadia Delicata


Fiorenzo Gimelli, Agedo, Italy Maria Augusta Santos, Amplos, Portugal Sigga Birna Valsdottir, Iceland Colette Farrugia Benett, Malta

Ruta Trumpickiene, Lithuania Siyma Kuzmin, Turkey Marisol Ortiz Torrent, AMPGYL, Spain Piotr Zbikonski, “My, Rodzice”, Poland

Anna Marie Mifsud, Drachma – Malta Theo Kuipers, the Netherlands Andrea Rubera, Cammini di Speranza, Italy Myriana Kizevski, Grupa Izadji, Serbia

Concluding synthesis

Carmel Conti



09.00 Registration

09.30 Introduction

09.35 First panel: Education and inclusion

09.55 Second panel: Religion and Homo/transphobia

10.15 Q&A

10.25 Break

10.35 Third panel: Parents – the price we pay!

10.55 Q&A

11.05 A synthesis and response

11.20 Conclusion



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